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Poetry and Chillokc kids

Poetry and Chill OKC Kids is in association with Poetry and Chill OKC. We offer kid events, and after school workshops in the Oklahoma City area.



Take advantage of our FREE online lesson plans appropriate for kids from elementary to high school.


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Jessi Mitchell, News 9

Many of the experiences shared at Poetry and Chill are filled with pain and suffering. One poet asks, “How are we mistaken for X-Men? This ain’t a mutant that you shooting with unbreakable skin.”

Mitch English, Fox 25

There's an after school workshop in the Metro that is giving kids a chance to use creativity, positivity and productivity to work out how they are feeling.

Amara, Student

I love being in Poetry and Chill so much. It's a thing no one would ever think of but it's the best experience and you guys are the best.


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