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Poetry and Chill OKC Open Mics  

Come out and show out at our Open Mics in the heart of OKC, and around the U.S. Find out more below...

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If you wondered what is Poetry and Chill OKC then read this section to find out and learn more.

Be advised

This will list rules and regulations to be expected at our Poetry and Chill Open Mic Events.


Check out and read what the community has to say about our Poetry and Chill OKC Open Mic Events.

Next events

Stay up to date with our Open Mic Events. Register, save the date, and check out our VIP Tables available on the "home"  page.

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If you are looking for or have never been to a poetry event then Poetry and Chill OKC is the place for you! 

If you do or know someone who does theatrical, poetry, comedy, or sing then come to PoetryAndChillOKC “Open Mic Night”. PoetryAndChillOKC events will ALWAYS be free entry FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis with seats. There will be limited tables for certain events to purchase to guarantee seating(VIP Tables can be found on the Home page). Food and drinks will be available to purchase at certain events. 

Come early! It is not unexpected for people to start lining up prior to doors opening. Seating is limited! VIP Tables can be purchased for guarantee seating (available on our Home page). 


We want EVERYONE to perform, but we just DON'T HAVE TIME! The first 10 Open Mic Artists will be guaranteed, after that it's a random pick!


Our "open mic nights" are 21 and up. A night with us can potentially include themes, topics, and/or language that may not be suitable for children/teens.


We do not allow professional photographers or videographers during our events without our consent. 


Be Advised



Jackie, Visitor

Amazing environment dope vibe if looking for some grown fun with chill atmosphere don’t miss out on the next!

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 11.36.19

Celine, Visitor

Attended Poetry and Chill for the first time last night. Amazing talent!! Definitely an event I will be supporting from here on out. 


Rawis, Visitor

Great events with great poets, and phenomenal music. A great sample of OKC artistry.

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